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  1. Judith W. Says:

    I was introduced to Steve through the gentleman who sold me my used travel trailer. I am new to “full-timing” and I have since used Steve’s services on several occasions.

    Steve has moved my trailer twice; given me “RV 101” lessons; fixed a roof water leak; diagnosed and fixed a broken water heater; designed and installed a black tank pumping solution; installed a better shower head holder; among other things.

    In my dealings with Steve over the past 3 months, he has been 100% polite and honest with me. He answers phone calls and e-mails in a very timely manner. He has always been on time, if not early when we have an appointment. He also is more than willing to “explain it” if you want to understand how to maintain what he is fixing.

    Steve has also always kept my budget in mind. He does not try to sell me something and will give me options when there are some.

    I would have to say that my only complaint about Steve is that he cannot clone himself!

    A very satisfied customer in Charleston

  2. Mike Failmezger Says:

    While camping at James Island County Park, we got a toilet clog. We tried everything we had on hand on clear it, with no success. We called Steve. He couldn’t make it out to us for about 2 hours, so he told us just what he would do to fix it and where to get the tool. We picked up the tool and fixed the problem ourselves before Steve could even get here. Steve could have made the money from a service call, but chose instead to help us out and get us back on the road. Thank you Steve for your helpful advice and generous spirit!

  3. Violet McClellan Says:

    We saw Steve and his partner working in the RV Park we are staying here in Hollywood at Lake Aire. We were unable to get our leveling jacks lifted and also found we had a leak and I was going to have to get someone to come out. Instead of calling someone out I decided to ask if he would have time to address our problems. He stopped by within 30 minutes after finishing up the job he was on here in the park and our jacks are up and ready to go and hopefully corrected the leak. He is checking on some other work that needs to be done. They were so nice and explained what they were doing and why. I would recommend them highly!

  4. Ernie Sewell Says:

    Had an electrical issue while at James Island County Park. It was late in the day and Steve was in the middle of a job and was scheduled to meet us the next day. As promised he called the next morning and asked me to check a few things before he came out and, with his help, we were able to solve the issue. He refused to take any money for the call.. A good man that I recommend highly. Not many around like him.

  5. Nicole Ellis Says:

    Thanks to Steve & Jacki (his very capable assistant), who installed a slide topper when the camper dealer said it could not be done. I took some pictures of the particular slide in question and Steve was able to order the exact topper we needed over the phone and install it perfectly…all within the price he gave me over the phone. He handled the warranty work with much ease and knew exactly what the problem was upon first investigation. His professionalism in dealing with me and the warranty company was very appreciated and I would highly recommend his company!

  6. Matt Jabs Says:

    I called Steve to have him inspect an RV we were looking to purchase – which was a GREAT decision. Steve was able to give us confidence in what was right, and wrong, with the unit. This also helped us talk the price down $1,000 because of the repairs that needed to be done. Once we purchased it we had Steve perform all the repairs and he worked his tail off to get it all done in a timely manner, for the best price around. We will be using Steve whenever possible because he is honest, straightforward, hardworking, and very reasonable in his prices. We highly recommend hiring him!

  7. Terry Sickle Says:

    I met Steve when he towed a friends RV to Cross SC. Asked for his card. Three months later we required work on our RV. I contacted Steve and got an initial estimate. Cancelled my CAMPING WORLD APPOINTMENT…. He provided extensive repairs due to water damage, lamination issues, failed A/C unit. Additionally I had him reseal all my joints and seams for protection. He did a complete inspection and repaired a couple of roof issues that could of become MAJOR ISSUES. We are happy with the outcomes and highly recommend him. For us, we are going to have him inspect the RV every spring to insure we stay issue free!

  8. Don Northrop Says:

    A/C died and outside faucet blew out on my ’06 Outback 30RLS. Called Steve he came right out cheked it out gave me a completely fair estimate, which I took. As there was no rush He ordered the new unit. He was back and A/C unit & faucet installed the next week.
    Good response. Great service.
    I highly recommend Steve.

  9. Don register Says:

    While visiting Charleston, our refrigerator in our RV died. We called 1st Choice due to positive comments on the web page. We made an appointment with Steve for the next day. That night, we had a power surge which blew out our inverter, microwave and the loss of 12 volt service. The thermostat for the A.C. is 12 volts. Steve came out, gave us an estimate and said that he had to get the inverter, heating element (for the refrigerator) and would order a microwave that would fit. (my wife looked for one online and at an RV store with no luck).
    The next day, we went to Camping World and bought a surge protector. (After 20 years of RVing without one.) Steve arrived at our RV and our Son-in-Law let him in to replace the inverter (which caused the AC to work). This was the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. (So much for Steve’s three day weekend). Steve made another trip on Tuesday as the rest of the parts had arrived. He had everything working very quickly and our vacation was saved.
    We highly recommend 1st Choice RV to anyone with an RV problem.

  10. Tom Says:

    Called Steve at 10:00AM reporting a problem. Steve said he would be here at 4:30. He arrived at appointed time. Steve investigated the possible causes of our problem, identified the cause,and got out the correct tool to make the repair. He fixed the problem and gave us advice for the future and was gone all within an hour. What a guy! Would recommend him to anyone! He was professional, polite, and knowledgable of RV systems! What more could you ask for!

  11. Norman Doudiet Says:

    I just wanted everyone to know that Steves professionalism and quick response was greatly appreciated. I had a problem with my Refrigerator not working, and he went through and discovered that I didn’t have 12v. After checking all of the voltage lines, he discovered that one of the lines had shorted through and wasn’t making contact. As soon as he repaired it, the unit started working. What a great job and very reasonable. I will recommend to anyone 1st Choice RV to solve an RV problem.

  12. Alicia Bridges Says:

    We have had problems with our RV steps not working for years. 5 different shops/mobile services have attempted to fix them. Most were able to get them to work for short periods, only for them to stop working again. Steve listened to us and traced the source to a fuse connection which was badly rusted. He replaced it and so far so good. Thank you!

  13. Mike Says:

    While camping at James Island our slide out topper fell off and we needed a new micro wave installed.. It was the week after Xmas. I called all the mobile repair service providers in the area and Steve was the only one to return my call. We made an appointment for the next day and he arrived on time; he even texted me to inform me he was on his way.

    He was not only professional but very friendly and easy to work with. The jobs were done properly and the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend Steve at 1st Choice.

  14. Jo Swain Says:

    Thank you Steve for spending extra time with my new/used horse trailer with living quarters. Such a relief to know that we have a reliable and very reasonably priced RV repair person that will do service calls! I will enjoy my hot water this camping trip!

  15. Jim & Gayle White Says:

    We are full time RVers and have several issues with our fridge.

    When we, again, had our fridge stop cooling and freezing we called 1st Choice as we were visiting Charleston.

    Steve was the best service person we have ever had work on our coach.

    He immediately diagnosed the issue, worked around our schedule to install the ordered part and even spent time giving us some tips on how to take care of our slide outs and leveling jacks.

    I would recommend calling him before anyone else.

  16. Frank & Marilyn Colucci Says:

    We had a problem with our auto leveling system. We were unable to extend our jacks to load onto our truck. Steve promptly came and diagnosed the problem but we were unable to stay and wait for the part to come in. He did a work-a-round for us so that we could load onto our truck to get home and have the repair done. If in need of a service tech in the Charleston area, he is the man to call. He took his time with us to explain what we needed to do and wrote up a repair sheet with part listed for us to deliver to the repair shop back home.

  17. Ed & Margaret Weems Says:

    We had a water leak problem and Steve was the only person who was willing to come on base (JB Charleston Family Campground) to help us. We thought it was only one line but Steve found several more lines and finally ended up repairing nine fittings after over three and a half hours. He even filed warranty claim. We highly recommend Steve and 1st Choice RV.

  18. Justin Rusher Says:

    I cannot tell you how happy I am with First Choice RV Repair! We had our galley wastewater tank leaking at the dump pull and Steve had it fixed quickly and it cost us half of what it would have through any other service. Again, if you are looking for an honest, reputable, fair and dedicated RV repairman Steve is the one you want! This will from now on be out go to guy for all our RV needs. Thanks again Steve! You are the man!

  19. David J Says:

    Could not be happier. We couldn’t get a rear slide out to retract. Other mobile companies just wanted to come out & changes the slideout motors for over $1800, without even looking at it. Called Steve, he came out, diagnosed a bad solenoid, ordered the part. Steve was on time for both appointments, very courteous, explained everything. He fixed it for less than $300, including the part & 2 separate service calls. Steve is the man you want, if you need RV repair.

  20. Lynn and Rick C. Says:

    Steve is awesome! We called him last minute to come fix an electrical problem with our RV. We discovered the issue yesterday while back home in FL and had no choice but to get on the road today to keep to our schedule of commitments. Steve squeezed us into his schedule and was even waiting for us when we pulled into the campground. He was able to diagnose and fix the problem within an hour. He was extremely courteous, outgoing and professional. Steve even took the time to explain what he was doing and what to look for in case we run into a similar situation down the road. Also, he managed to squeeze in a minor repair on our awning. His pricing was extremely reasonable. We won’t hesitate to use his services again if we find ourselves with an RV problem and we are in the Charleston area. Thanks so much, Steve!!!

  21. Wendy Nichols Says:

    We were camping 900 miles away from home and during our first day in Charleston it was 85 degrees out and our air conditioning was not working. I left a message for Steve Friday after the office had closed and he promptly called me back first thing Monday morning. He walked me through how to reset the AC computer controller which fixed our problem ASAP. I offered to pay for his service call, which he declined. I was extremely impressed with his service. This review should be 100 stars! I will definitely keep his name and number and would refer him to anyone. I just wish his business was closer to our home state! He is top notch! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, Steve! (Submitted by Wendy & Bob Nichols)

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