Checked your roof lately?

A leaky roof can not only ruin your trip, but also your camper! With a little time invested now and again your roof will last for decades. At least 2-4 times a year you need to get on the roof and inspect all vents, and penetrations. If you see bulging or lifting of vent edges or cracking on sealant, then it’s time for a little work. First clean the effected area (better if you clean the whole roof). Then if the vent is lifting or bulging, start by trying to tighten the fasteners (usually a #2 square drive). If they have stripped out drive a new one about an inch to each side. Now that its secure, time to make it water tight. A good self leveling lap sealant such as by Dicor will do the trick. Simply apply a bead over the edge of vent and fasteners or cracks will keep you dry and well repaired. One caution, when sealing around the TV antennae be sure not to adhere the rotating upper unit to the base.

Happy Camping!

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