Summer Camping! Get Ready Now.

Prepare for trips

Vacation blow outs are no fun

Summer is here, and we are all planning the next trip. a little time spent a few days before can make sure you start off on the right foot.
1. After having your camper stored and winterized, it is necessary to clean the fresh water system. A simple way to do this is using Spring Fresh from Camco.
2. Another important safety check is to check and charge your battery and tires. While checking the tire pressure be sure to examine the tire for cracking which could indicate its time to replace them (remember the spare). Blow outs are dangerous and very damaging.
3. Try out all your appliances. Your refrigerator will take several hours to cool, so you’ll need to start it now then check ittonight or in the morning. Also once you start the air conditioner wait 15-20 minutes then check the temperature at the return and the nearest vent. a difference of 15 degrees is good. If you measure less have your unit checked out. Ifyour LP alarm or CO alarm are 5 years old replace them. Usually they are stamped with a date on the rear.
4. Clean your RV. Not only will you look good pulling into the campground, but it is necessary to the life of your coach. While cleaning check all sealant around doors, windows, and especially roof vents. While on the roof be sure to rinse off the coil on your A/C unit. If you do this 2-3 times a year many problems will be avoided.
5. Now is also a good time to lubricate your slides and chassis.
6. Don’t forget to check out your hitch, lube as needed. Another major safety concern is the tow vehicle. Make sure the brakes are in good condition, the brake controller is in adjustment, and tire pressure is set for the load you are hauling (remember the spare).
7. Finally make sure that you have extra bulbs and fuses.

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